Web hosting

Clean, green and fast 🍃

I offer managed web hosting packages for your website, (whether it’s designed by me or not). Hosted on eco friendly servers, providing you with a fast, efficient and clean website. Managed hosting means you’ve always got a human (me!) to talk to if something goes wrong, not a chat bot or a support team 5,000 miles away. It also means I’m on hand to update and secure your website to make sure it’s at it’s best.

What's included?

SSL Certificate

Ensures your website and its visitors are safe

Daily backups

If the worst happens, fear not - it's all backed up


Daily scans for malware, plus all recommended security headers and measures put in place


Keep your website, theme and plugins up to date.


All the best practices put in place to ensure your site loads as quckly as possible.

Cookies Popup

We'll work together on getting the best cookies popup and privacy policy for your site.

Google-free Analytics

Let's say no to data theft. Analytics don't need to be evil.

Go green!

For each hosting package created, trees are planted through Gold Standard certified tree-planting projects across the world

Sounds good to me

If this sounds good, get in touch. Prices vary depending on the size and type of website, but they start at only £180 a year for smaller sites. There’s no fixed term or contract, so you’re free to leave when you like.